Jan-Willem Spanjaart

Jan-Willem Spanjaart

Operations Director

INTOS is a dynamic company with customers around the world. Every day, I come into contact with different cultures with the same goal of providing our customers the best possible service. We certainly raise the bar.. not only with regard to quality, but also where service is concerned. We take this to fairly extreme lengths at INTOS.
Lately, we have been working hard on putting INTOS on the international map and it is fair to say that we have certainly achieved this goal. Various projects in the Middle East and Africa have been completed. I am really very proud of this. The experience you gain, both personally and professionally, with projects abroad is enormous. You are continually faced with challenges and no two projects are the same.
INTOS is a unique company to work for. I have not come across the space you get to develop here anywhere else and this is responsible for great enthusiasm and motivation!