INTOS thinks about the future on a long term basis. Not only for the furniture we build, but also for the world and the environment. We produce sustainable products of high quality that last a long time and are reusable after their original lifespan. This way we work towards a circular economy and reduce our environmental impact. Together we can complete the circle. 



From the moment of  inquiry INTOS thinks about the best way to make a project as sustainable and circular as possible. We advise about material choices, reusable furniture parts and the most efficient way to build furniture. There are multiple business models with which we can respond to the circular market, for example  Pay per Use. Together with our clients we think about the best fitting solution.



During the process of drawing INTOS acts as an advisor of the architect. We can advise on responsible material choices of the highest quality so that you don’t have to compromise. Think about flax chipboard or oceans plastic. We also think about the construction and structure of furniture so that it can be reused in the future. We look closely at the materials and  details from the perspective of furniture construction with circularity as a priority. 



During the production process we make efficiency a priority. We produce as much as possible in-house. When we have to outsource something we use local companies to help us. We optimize our process so that we are left with as little leftover material as possible. For the minimal material that is left we offer several ways to process this in a responsible way. 



We plan our logistics in an efficient way and use a practical approach to pack our cargo. We use reusable packing materials. When wrapping our cargo we guarantee the quality of the furniture. We bundle our rides when possible so that we reduce our emission.



We strive towards a circular business model in which our products have a long lifespan and can be reused or recycled. By conducting preventive maintenance and renovating furniture we can prolong the lifespan of the interior considerably. 



Reusing original furniture is an important way to create a circular environment. INTOS offers a service which allows you to return furniture after their lifespan so that we can give it a second life. This is how we reduce waste and the impact on the environment. We use existing elements in the new interior in a creative way so that the quality and look of the design are guaranteed. As an example you can think about reusing the base of a closet for constructive purposes. 


Alternative materials

INTOS is always looking for responsible alternative materials to create high quality furniture.

Flax chipboard is an example of a sustainable alternative. This material is produced in the Netherlands and is delivered in E0 or E1 category. It is a 100 percent recyclable  and has the necessary bio based certificates.

Oceans plastic is another example of such an alternative building material. It is based on plastic waste out of the oceans. It is a 100 percent recyclable and has the necessary bio based certificates. 


Our own CSR-logo

To emphasise and express INTOS’ unequivocal commitment to socially responsible enterprise, INTOS developed its own CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) logo. This logo symbolizes the elements People, Profit and Planet as our attention goes beyond only sustainable use of materials & resources. 

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