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“We see combining technology and design as a rewarding challenge.”

Hans Matze,
Project Director Airports

Manufacturer of airport security equipment

Where would an airport be without its security. The protection of passengers, staff and planes becomes more and more important with the enormous growth of air traffic. And so it is getting to determine the appearance of airports fast. That’s why INTOS also delivers all kinds of airport security equipment for terminals, piers and gates, next to separate furniture pieces like airport counters and desks and airport signage.

What INTOS distincts from other airport security manufacturers

Airport security equipment manufacturers often focus exclusively on the technology. Technology is an important aspect, but for airports the design is essential as well. The design determines the passenger experience and encourages them to use the security equipment. INTOS combines technology and design in order to facilitate an effective and user-friendly security process.

Realizing airport security equipment

Upon the customers request, INTOS develops innovative airport security products  with an architect or designer. With the understanding of the way airports work, a keen eye for technology implemented design and a focus on a great passenger experience, INTOS creates airport security solutions that meet the expectations of all stakeholders: airports, airports employees and passengers.

Successful airport security products

Space-saving search cabin

Search cabins are only used a couple of times a day. That’s why they are often considered a waste of space. INTOS developed a solution that offers optimum functionality and saves space: the Space-saving search cabin.

Using the (customized) Space-saving Search Cabin

The Space-saving search cabin takes up only 18 cm in stored position. When needed, the employee easily unfolds the search cabin within seconds. The search cabin contains a curtain for privacy,  chair, coat rack and shelf. According to client’s requirements, the following parts can be customized: front panel, curtain and signage. Optionally the cabin can be delivered in Flame Retardant quality.

Shoescanner on UV light

Together with Stage Gate 11 (SG11), a start-up in technological  product development for the security industry, INTOS developed the Delta R Shoescanner. The Shoescanner is a detection unit that uses UV light for scanning passengers shoes. More accurately and rapidly than before, airports can now pick out passengers who have hidden unsafe and undesirable substances, like explosives or narcotics, in their shoes.

Developing the shoescanner

INTOS advised SG11 about the design, material, sustainability and possibilities for maintenance. With the knowledge of the requirements from all the stakeholders like airports, passengers and security officers, INTOS has created a functional product. The resulting stand-alone column that now is the Shoescanner, is manufactured entirely in-house.

The Shoescanner is in technological still in development and not in use yet.

Security scanner

INTOS collaborated on the development of the housing for the security scanner. The design housing transforms the security scanner from a machine into an attractive interior component. This fits perfectly into the current aspiration for improving the passenger travel experience.

The security scanner is in use at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

INTOS realised several airport security projects

  • Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Kristiansand Airport Norway
  • Aéroport Toulouse Blagnac (France)
  • Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
  • Warschau Frédéric Chopin Airport (Poland)
  • Aéroport Marseille Provence (France)
  • Royal Hangar (Muscat, Oman)

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