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Airport signage development and manufacturing

The easiness with which passengers can navigate through an airport determines their experience. Signage and marking is inextricably linked with the total airport interior or even integrated in specific airport furniture items. That’s why INTOS delivers separate furniture pieces like airport counters and desks and airport security related products, also all kinds of airport signage.

Importance of airport signage and marking

As an airport you would like to facilitate your passengers in the most optimal way. But what if passengers can’t find your well thought out and careful realized shop, sanitation and restaurant areas? Not to mention to receive the terminal, flight or safety information? INTOS understands the importance of informing airport passengers and knows how to integrate signage and marking in a elegant and qualitative manner.

How developing signage?

How INTOS develops signage? Like in all projects, INTOS works closely with airports when developing signage. Based on a signage plan, which specific partners of INTOS can provide as well, INTOS advises on the various types of signage. When the decision for a specific type of signage is made, you can expect a critical look of INTOS at the building construction to make sure the fixation of the signage is strong and slim and the installation will go smoothly. After the construction phase INTOS is adopting the total production from creating the all-encompassing graphic textbook until the manufacturing of the sign boxes and the coordination of delivery. The installation, which can be supervised, is carried out in two phases in order to realise a sleek result without construction hassle.

Technological details of our signage design

INTOS applies special aluminium profiles as structure for the illuminated signs. These profiles allow easy maintenance, avoid light leaks and have a perfect appearance. The front of the signs are equipped with special acrylic panels and provided with 3M foils, which assures optimal appearance. In terms of illumination, INTOS equips its signage with either Fluorescent Lamps, back lit LED lighting or edge lit LED lighting. Each has its own characteristics. All signage and marking options meet the airport signage standards.

Application options for airport signage

Depending on the application, the function and location, INTOS can manufacture different types of signage. These can be uses as terminal signage, departure and arrival signage and gate signs, with all kinds of information about directions and wayfinding, security and safety. Examples of signage developed by INTOS include:

  • single or double-sided signage
  • static or dynamic signage
  • illuminated or non-illuminated signage
  • fixed to ceiling, wall or floor

Realised international airport signage projects

INTOS is widely experienced in special airport signage, including directional signs, information signs, statutory and warning signs and identification signs.

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