Standard and design combined in one counter

INTOS developed in 2014, a standard CURVED counter range as a result of a market demand. There was a need for a standard desk with a designer front for an accessible price. Especially for airports that do not have large budgets for design, but want a modern look and feel, the CURVED counter range is interesting.


The CURVED counter is a counter which exists, like the MONO and the EASY counter, of a sleek front and a functional rear building. It is a counter made of compact laminate with a curved Corian front. Aspects like color, functionality and material can be changed to have a customized counter.

Numerous utilities

The mono is created as counter suitable for every imaginable airport requirement and can be utilized as:
• check-in counter
• Information desk
• Transfer counter
• gate counter
• customs office
• Service desk (tickets, car rentals, etc ...)

Various configurations possible

The counter range has tremendous versatility and can be built to answer all sorts of airport counter configurations, as individual stand-alone counter, as double counter, rows of counters or various island configurations.

Why choose for CURVED?

• modern look
• High Quality
• competitively priced
• standard concept with customized appearance
• used for various options