Affordable and innovative counter range

In 2011, INTOS developed an innovative off-the-shelf counter range MONO. MONO is INTOS’ answer to the demand for high quality, modern and affordable counters for airports that do not have their own counter design.


The counter mono is a molded Corian counter incorporating all of INTOS’ airport experience from the last 20 years. The counter design comprises a basic counter and various add-ons, so you are able to create an airport specific look and feel. Several elements are interchangeable. A Customizing concept to suit the needs and requirements of the airport.

Numerous utilities

The mono is created as counter suitable for every imaginable airport requirement and can be utilized as: 

  • check-in counter
  • information counter
  • transfer counter
  • gate counter
  • passport control counter
  • service counter (tickets,  car rental, etc…)

All sorts of configuration

The counter range has tremendous versatility and can be built to answer all sorts of airport counter configurations, as individual stand-alone counter, as double counter, rows of counters or various island configurations.

Technical specifications

 Dimensions (L x W x H)  1200 x 850 x 1150 mm
 Construction  Steel frame powder coated
 Front panel  Molded Corian
 Sides and desktop  MDF with HPL finish
 Foot rail, shelf, protective strips  Stainless steel

Why choose for MONO?

  • Innovative modern design
  • High quality
  • Meets ergonomic standards
  • Competitive prized counter
  • Standard concept with look & feel of customized counter
  • Numerous utilities
  • All sorts of configuration