"We cater to the wishes of our clients as much as possible and have a flexible attitude.

We take up the complete project, from design to budgeting and delivery of the completed project."

Maarten van Steenis, Project team manager Maincontracting


The border between interior contracting and maincontracting is often blurry. INTOS combines the two and looks at maincontracting through the eyes of an interior maker. We apply our expertise in building interiors to the maincontracting of the whole space. From smaller refurbishments to large turn-key projects. Always with a flexible attitude and with the custom made interior as the base. We always strive towards exceeding the expectation of our clients and partners. 

A Specialized team

The INTOS Maincontracting team is one of eight independent project teams within INTOS. The team consists out of well educated and experienced structural engineers like project managers, planners, site managers and a QHSE coordinator. The team is dedicated and has years of experience. The focus is on realizing an efficient end product of the highest quality through strong organization an clear communication. With a thorough preparation all relations between interior contracting and maincontracting are made insightful. For every part of the project the implementation details are prepared for approval of the client or architect.

Collaboration within INTOS

At INTOS we work as a team, not only with our own project teams but also with our subcontractors. Our Maincontracting team collaborates closely with our project teams that focus mainly on interior contracting and custom made furniture. The short lines of communication between our teams help to keep the integral process efficient. There is always one point of contact who is responsible for the whole project.

Our USP's

  • Interior and Maincontracting in one
  • INTOS looks at the maincontracting from the perspective of an interior maker
  • A dedicated team with years of experience
  • Flexibility and quality are number one

Our skills

  • Building site planning
  • Projectplanning en projectmanagement
  • Cost management
  • Advise during the drawing proccess
  • Engineering
  • Demolition work
  • Civil works
  • Floor, wall and ceiling finishing
  • MEP works
  • Fixed and lose furniture
  • Maintenance

Togheter with..

 The Architect  The Project management agency

INTOS Maincontracting plays a central role between the architect and the executive party. When we are involved from an early stage on, we can advise the architect where necessary. This way all details can be aligned with the design to get the desired result. This concerns the structural details as well as the interior details. Together we make sure the original design is guaranteed. 


We collaborate with project management agencies on a regular bases. We unburden them by taking up the complete coordination of subcontractors, additional contractors and management supplies. We guarantee the planning and guard the budget through cost conscious engineering.                                                                                                                                        


INTOS is SCC** certified. SCC is the Dutch standard for healthy, safe and sustainable working methods. It lays the foundation for a safe an healthy work environment. It is important to INTOS to avert any chance of an accident as much as we can. We invest structurally in the safety on building locations to guarantee a secure working environment.

Our internal QHSE coordinator focusses completely on the policy of safety in the workshop and on location. There are regular workshop inspections, we perform a Last Minute Risk Analysis (LMRA) and Task Risk Analysis, we hold internal and external toolbox meetings and we work dust-free with qualified tools only. On top of that we write an H&S plan for every project.


INTOS is FSC and PEFC certified and official partner. This means we use as much FSC and PEFC certified materials as possible and that we promote this amongst our clients and suppliers.

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