Lab furniture

INTOS Labs is INTOS 'product line specialized in laboratory furniture. We create custom laboratory furnishings that meet the highest requirements and seamlessly match the work processes and needs of the users. Our lab furniture has been developed in collaboration with a high-quality medical laboratory and therefore meets the strictest requirements. After a short lead time, we realize a high-quality work and research environment that only facilitates top performance.

Total supplier of laboratory equipment

When furnishing a laboratory, we find it important to be able to fully provide our clients with their laboratory equipment. INTOS therefore supplies a wide range of laboratory furniture, including laboratory tables, sinks and laboratory cabinets, which, as an expert in custom-made furniture, is easy to adjust in terms of material use, dimensions and color.

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Laboratory equipment

In addition, we also supply all the necessary equipment via permanent high-quality partners, including fume cupboards, LAF cupboards and fire-safe storage cupboards for a complete furnishing of each laboratory.


 INTOS Lab Solutions laboratoriumaccessoires  

Laboratory accesoires

To complete the laboratory, flexible accessories are available to increase user-friendliness. Fixed parts in the range of laboratory accessories are the lighting, screens, brackets and the soap dispenser.

 INTOS Lab Solutions laboratorium cleanroom

Laboratory cleanroom

In a cleanroom environment, it is all about preventing product contamination. The spaces are designed in such a way that this is a very clean working environment. The contamination comes from dust particles, micro-organism, or chemical vapors in the air. By designing the space in such a way that there is a controlled air flow and walls, floors, ceilings and furniture can be easily decontaminated, this work environment can be created. Typical features of cleanroom furniture are flush doors and windows, pass-through cabinets and solid core furniture.

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Renovating a new laboratory or an existing lab?

For many companies, building or renovating a laboratory is not standard practice. The robustness of the materials used in laboratory furnishings ensures that it often functions well for decades. However, a new investigation, expansion or reduction of the workforce or the purchase of new equipment requires a different set-up.



Types of laboratories

  • Healthcare medical laboratories


  • Research laboratories
  • Preparation areas
  • Nuclear preparation
  • Pharmaceutical industry (mostly GMP laboratories)
  •  Biotech industry


  • Microbiology laboratories



  • ML-1 laboratory
  • ML-2 laboratory
  • ML-3 laboratory




  • Biosafety level 1, bsl 1 lab
  • Biosafety level 2, bsl 2 lab
  • Biosafety level 3, bsl 3 lab
  • Micro-elektronics industry (mostly cleanrooms)
  •  R&D industry
  •  Food industry
  •  Chemical industry


Need tips for (re) building your laboratory

We are happy to share our tips & tricks, so that you can ask yourself the right questions before the renovation of the laboratory starts.



Why INTOS lab solutions?

• Knowledge-based partner with more than 25 years of experience in special furniture 
• High-quality lab furniture made with an eye for detail
• Efficient working method and short lead time
• Green Lab service that keeps lab furniture sustainable