Laboratory tables are the most common laboratory furniture in a lab. It provides the basis for the furnishing. It must be sturdy. That is why we only make laboratory tables with a solid base.

Laboratory table with a solid base

INTOS has developed various frames to build a laboratory table from. These can be used in a wall and island arrangement or can be moved through space. In every set-up INTOS ensures a detailed finish and ergonomics plays an important role. In the design, all usage details such as cords, cables and media have been considered, which can be neatly concealed, but remain accessible so that the layout of the laboratory remains flexible. Special frames with high-low setting, manual and electric are available in different configurations and are mobile for the highest flexibility.

 INTOS Lab Solutions laboratoriumtafel kolomframe

Laboratory table column frame

Furniture built on this column frame has a completely free space under the worktop, allowing for proper floor cleaning. Laboratory tables with this frame are built in two phases, which benefits the installation of systems and finishing. The frame is attached to the floor and is assembled with skirting boards and removable bottom panels so that this setup can be set up in a space with high requirements. A possible construction with, for example, wall cabinets is possible for both wall and island installation.
 INTOS Lab Solutions laboratoriumtafel C kolom frame  

Laboratory table with C-frame

This C-frame can be used anywhere. Laboratory tables with this frame are placed loose on the floor or against the wall. The floor slips of the beams can be invisibly attached to the floor and sealed. Also within this system a construction with, for example, planks is possible.

 INTOS Lab Solutions laboratoriumtafel tafelframe  

Laboratory table with table frame

This table frame fits in a simple setup and is very suitable as a supporting table for centrifuges and heavy machines. The adjustable legs make this laboratory table easy and quick to install. This table frame can easily be fitted with wheels and high-low adjustment (trolley or mobile laboratory table).

 INTOS Lab Solutions laboratoriumtafel plint frame  

Laboratory table with plinth frame

This type of lab table is a fixed table arrangement that rests on base units with a plinth. It can be placed on a wall or freely in the room. It is possible to create workplaces between the cabinets by means of a supporting frame between the cabinets. This construction can of course be combined with the other frames.


Weighing table and centrifuge table

The weighing table as well as a centrifuge table or microscope table is a table with a heavy steel base. The centrifuge table is placed separately in the INTOS modular system, which prevents movements of the centrifuge from vibrating through the rest of the furniture. The weighing table can be equipped with an extra heavy natural stone worktop and rubber blocks, so that all vibrations are removed as much as possible. These tables are made in different heights and depths.

 INTOS Lab Solutions laboratoriumtafel spoelmeubel  

Laboratory table and sink units

The plinth construction is widely used for sink furniture. Sinks are almost always present in the laboratory. Head sink units are often desired with a ceramic worktop and sink. But also polypropylene and stainless steel are possibilities to use as a worktop. To ensure that the wet area is separated from the workplace, a splash guard made of different materials is possible. Sinks or funnels that can be placed in the worktop on the different table frames can also be made of stainless steel, ceramic or polypropylene.

 INTOS Lab Solutions laboratoriumtafel spoelmeubel  

Laboratory faucets

A sink without taps is like a laboratory without personnel. We have different types of water taps and demi water taps to place directly on the furniture. Eye wash showers, emergency showers, boilers can also be installed in or around the furniture. We can integrate different types of gas taps for the tables to provide for every process.

 INTOS Lab Solutions laboratoriumtafel brug  

Laboratory table bridge

For the needs of the installations (gas, water, electricity and data), all laboratory tables described above can be equipped with a bridge, curb and riser. The riser (also called utility column) ensures that the facilities can be placed from the ceiling to the furniture. The bridge with cable trays and deck and if desired a splash guard can be directly equipped with the laboratory cranes, so that they are easily accessible.

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