Preventative maintenance

“With INTOS taking care of maintenance, all your special furniture stays tip top.”

Marnix Heemskerk,
Project Manager Maintenance

Extend the life of your interior

The appearance of your interior is an important part of your company identity. Retaining the right appearance is all in the finesse and details. INTOS understands better than any other party the need to have your interior maintained. Have your interior maintained on a regular basis and have imperfections repaired in time. This does not just maintain the desired appearance, it also extends the life of your interior. And in time this saves you considerable costs.

Entirely tuned to your wishes

Whether it is one-off preventative or periodic maintenance that you require, at INTOS it is all possible. Your wishes are paramount. INTOS offers different preventative maintenance solutions, on contract basis if desired. But a comprehensive maintenance module is also a possibility. INTOS works with its own proven maintenance registration system, so that we can always provide our customers with clear and simple feedback. We are pleased to inform you of the possibilities. Every maintenance package can be tailer made entirely to meet your wishes.

Companies for whom we perform preventative maintenance:

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