Labatory furniture

A total range of lab solutions

In a laboratory area each user has his own work method and associated interior needs. As a result, laboratory spaces are often furnished in different ways. This is detrimental to the uniform look and the purchase cost of the interior. INTOS uses modular standard interior solutions for laboratories, which are built on a metal frame whereupon elements can be flexibly added and (re)moved. This results in an interior that can be customized to specific user needs but still keeps the uniform look. These standard solutions can be adjusted in shape, size and color. Based on the needs and wishes, INTOS shares its knowledge and experience and gives advice in the choices to be made. A 3D visualization of the chosen interior will show how the laboratory area will look like.

Variety of laboratory furniture

INTOS produces a variation of furniture for laboratories. From tables to cabinets and accessories. The frame for laboratory furniture that INTOS produces has a massive carrying capacity. All the used plate material is equipped with a coating which makes it resistant to heavy chemicals. In each setup INTOS has a detailed finish that eliminates cables of various devices and systems and makes all interior components easily accessible for all users.

Furniture and accessories

INTOS makes specific tables; from workbenches, centrifuge tables to spool furniture, and various cabinets; high storage cabinets, wall cabinets and low base cabinets. With several developed flexibly affirmable accessories INTOS increases the usability of the laboratory device. Fixed components in the range of accessoiries are the lighting, monitors and brackets and the soap dispenser. This range is constantly being expanded with an industrial designer.

Fume hoods

INTOS is the exclusive dealer of the Flores Valles fume hoods in Belgium, Luxembourg and The Netherlands. The fume hoods protects lab technicians from dangerous situations. These fume hoods have proved themselves over the years in various projects realized by INTOS. The fume hood is available in different sizes and materials and has various optional features and user options, making them assembled in a flexible way. In each composition the ease of use and the high-grade protection, which ensures a high level of passive safety, is highly important. The hood is designed, manufactured and certified in accordance with the most stringent requirements of the European EN 14175 and American ANSI / ASHREA.

INTOS maintenance 

INTOS Maintenance is involved in all interior projects from the start. Because of that appropriate maintenance and cleaning capabilities are guaranteed in the preparation of the entire laboratory interior. After installation, the interior will be checked periodically and where necessary, should be repaired. This service makes sure that the product keeps it quality and guarantees its durable use.


  • Method of organizing, where clear communication, proactive advisory and meeting the expectations is leading.
  • The lab furniture is (custom) made, installed and finished by craftsmen.
  • High quality requirements are imposed on the material and the final product.
  • Efficient method of working and fast turnaround.
  • Construction in stages, what benefits the installation and the finishing touch.
  • The wide range of functional accessories, which is still growing.
  • Aftercare is provided by a specialized maintenance team.