RF- shielding

RF Shielding

INTOS supplies made-to-measure solutions for RF shielding, varying from a complete Faraday cage (MRI) to the realisation of shielding at component level like: RF glass, doors and conduit/feed components.

Design and functionality can be combined

Safety and functionality can also be attractive. Through our years of experience we create optimum combinations in both interior construction and RF shielding. INTOS distinguishes itself by the high level of finishing of the shield areas. The patient experience plays an important role here.

Pleasant atmosphere for the patient

Flexibly controllable use of colour and rounded-off corners give the space a friendlier appearance. With RGB LED lighting, it can be set to any colour via a touch screen. This allows an atmosphere to be evoked in which a patient feels comfortable during a medical examination.

Unique concept

From many years of expertise in RF shielding we have developed our own MRI cage. This cage has been designed based on a unique concept as a modular system. This makes the cage easer to transport or adapt. The construction time on site is considerably shorter than in the case of a more conventional design. Of course, without compromising on the requirements that are made of such a cage, like the shielding value.

RF shielding by INTOS

  • in-depth expertise in RF shielding
  • high level of finish
  • unique combination of design & technology
  • own modular system
  • shorter lead times

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