INTOS is also your partner for renovations! With our knowledge of the architectural components of a space, we can respond flexibly to the requirements from the specifications and drawings. In close consultation with the parties involved, but especially with our client, we develop a proposal, we provide 3-D drawings and we make a lean planning that must guarantee a smooth process. We are of course flexible when necessary, as a renovation project can cause unexpected challenges. Regular consultation is important, it enables us to schedule all subcontractors on time, and also to keep the architect and client informed of developments.

“With INTOS taking care of maintenance, all your special furniture stays tip top.”

Marnix Heemskerk,
Project Manager Maintenance

Extend the life of your enterior

The appearance of your interior is an important part of your corporate identity. Retaining the right appearance is in finesse and details. INTOS understands this like no other. Have your interior regularly maintained and have imperfections updated in time. Not only do you maintain the desired appearance, you also extend the life of your interior. And that will save considerably in the long term.

Fully tailored to your needs

Whether you want to have one-off preventive maintenance performed or periodically, it's all possible at INTOS. Your wishes are leading in this. INTOS offers various preventive maintenance solutions, whether or not on a contract basis. A fully serviced maintenance module is also possible. INTOS works with its own proven maintenance registration system. This way we can always provide our customers with clear and simple feedback. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities. Each maintenance package can be fully tailored to your needs.

Companies for which we provide preventive maintenance:

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