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Laboratory cabinets

Laboratory cabinets the solid and safe base for labs

Together with laboratory tables, laboratory cabinets form the solid foundation for a laboratory. They increase work convenience and contribute to the safety of a lab. INTOS Lab Solutions supplies a variety of laboratory cabinets for storing substances, tools, equipment or other supplies. Such as base and top cabinets, chemical cabinets also called puff cabinets or fire safety cabinets, tall cabinets and pass-through cabinets.

Laboratory base and wall units

Flexible use is at the heart of the lower and upper cabinets designed by INTOS. Our base cabinets are attachable to the table frame or can be supplied on wheels. This makes them easy to position under the worktop. They can be tailor-made, making the overall width and the use of drawers and doors one of the choices.

Adequate storage space above laboratory tables is needed within every laboratory. This is why our range of overhead cabinets is as extensive as possible. To add wall units and shelves to the laboratory setup, we place upright frames on the lab tables to attach them to. This ensures flexibility, as it does not require a supporting wall. Of course, the cabinets can also be mounted directly on the wall. The upper cabinets can also be put together yourself with, for example, glass (sliding) doors to keep a clear view of the contents.

Safety cabinet

A safety cabinet, also known as a baffle cabinet, storage cabinet, chemical cabinet or fire safety cabinet, safely stores chemicals and other hazardous materials. This cabinet offers protection because it warns against explosions and fire spread. It also slows fire development, giving staff in the lab enough time to carry out evacuations or extinguishing operations. In short; an important part of laboratory equipment. As a regular distributor of Asecos safety cabinets, INTOS quickly supplies chemical cabinets in several variants. Besides safety cabinets in both high, low and pharmacy cabinet versions, gas cylinder storage, chemical handling and extraction systems are also part of our regular product range.

High laboratory cabinets from pharmacy cabinet to sample cabinet

Tall laboratory cabinets are also essential for sufficient storage space in a laboratory. INTOS therefore offers many options in this regard. From storage cabinets, sample cabinets and pharmacy cabinets to glass cabinets. These cabinets are made of various materials, the most commonly used being melamine-covered board material, HPL and Volkern. Again, these tall units can also be fully custom-made.

Pass-through cabinet

A pass-through cabinet is indispensable for the controlled transfer of products to different hygiene zones. INTOS builds standard or custom-made pass-through cabinets made of various materials such as melamine-laminated board material, HPL, Volkern or stainless steel. We equip them with a fixed interlock system which can be mechanically or electrically unlocked. Where necessary, the doors are fitted with gas springs to increase user convenience.

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