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Complete laboratory equipment from lab table to fume cupboard

A well-functioning laboratory is set up entirely on the basis of the most efficient workflow. Ease of use and safety in the laboratory are of course paramount. But speed in delivery is often also desirable in order to slow down existing research and development processes as little as possible. As well as flexibility in the structure of the furniture and good maintenance options to keep the equipment future-proof.

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INTOS Lab Solutions is a certified knowledge partner and supplier in the field of laboratory furniture. We supply both laboratory furniture in standard and customised variants, including laboratory tables, cabinets, cleanroom cabinets, furniture and equipment from our own line from fume cupboards to equipment from other renowned brands. Besides supplier, we also fulfil the role of project manager and consultant , sustainable maintenance manager to main contractor for the complete turnkey delivery of laboratory environments. We supply these services and products quickly and flexibly to institutions in various sectors from the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to educational and healthcare institutions and high-tech companies.

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Complete laboratory furnishings from laboratory furniture to equipment

Every laboratory has its own processes to keep production or research running efficiently. Standard laboratory furniture for furnishing the laboratory usually provides a fine foundation, but never fully supports the workflow unique in each lab.

INTOS therefore produces custom-made laboratory furniture in addition to a standard range. From laboratory tables to rinse cabinets, cleanroom furniture and fume cupboards. To deliver the laboratory completely, in cooperation with high-quality partners, we offer fixed laboratory equipment such as safety workbenches and safety cabinets, including laf cabinets, biosafety cabinets, chemical cabinets and fume cupboards. We also install these. This way, we ensure that laboratory staff can do their work in the best possible way!

Visualising laboratory ideas in 3D

Ideas are sometimes difficult to visualise. Also for furnishing a laboratory. That is why INTOS has the Lab Solutions web shop, which allows you to compose your own laboratory completely by yourself. This provides better insight into your own wishes and needs, and into the possibilities INTOS offers in this respect. This ultimately creates an overall picture of the desired lab.


Why choose INTOS Lab Solutions?

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Laboratory cabinets

Laboratory tables

Laboratory equipment

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Cleanroom cabinets and furniture

Media to complement laboratory equipment

To complement our laboratory furniture, we also provide the corresponding media options. From electricity to gas installations, everything is integrated into our media bridges, gutters, pillars and ceiling columns.


"We experienced INTOS as a true partner in our plan to arrive at these labs. Granting this assignment to INTOS without the intervention of a project agency also meant that the contact was very direct. In this, the advice they gave was immensely valuable and showed incredible expertise in laboratory design. That custom furnishing was also possible for a scale-up like ours is thanks to INTOS' flexible attitude and their insight into cost-saving elaborations and details. We are extremely happy with our labs in which everyone now works very comfortably."

Jos Grimbergen

COO Fibriant

Sustainable laboratory design with the Green Lab Service

Laboratory furniture and laboratory equipment is constructed of robust materials with a long life of use and durability. However, daily use can leave marks that are disruptive or even limit the workflow and optimal functioning of employees within the laboratory. 

With the Green Lab Service, INTOS provides repair, dismantling, renovation, relocation, moving and maintenance of existing laboratory equipment regardless of the original supplier. When moving and relocating laboratory equipment such as fume cupboards and laf cabinets, we also take care of the associated commissioning and validation. The Green Lab Service provides our clients with significant cost savings compared to purchasing new laboratory equipment. It also naturally contributes to sustainable, circular and ecological objectives.

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