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Cleanroom pharmacy Amsterdam UMC location VUmc


Cleanroom pharmacy Amsterdam UMC location VUmc

The new pharmacy of the Amsterdam UMC location VUmc, where well-protected products are made, needed a new cleanroom. Based on the furniture design by cleanroom builder Interflow INTOS was asked to make the vast majority of the custom-made cleanroom furniture. 

Assignment: Durable custom-made cleanroom furniture with a stylish look 
Location: Amsterdam
Design: Interflow
Photography: Michel Claus

Customer needs 

The pharmacy's 800 sq m clean room had to be furnished efficiently due to the relatively limited space. This required 80 per cent of the furnishings to be specially customised. Interflow's design for this project, in which exceptional panels with wood-grain look and white panels are characteristic, was guiding to achieve a unified look. In addition, the All modul drawer and cabinet system used throughout the VUmc had to be taken into account in the execution. 


Our approach
Based on the existing design, we worked out all the special furniture and adapted it to the All modul system. After agreement, all furniture, including transfer benches, changing cubicles, shoe cabinets, storage cabinets and pantries, went into production. This development process took just under five months and on-site assembly was achieved in three weeks.  


A special feature in all the furniture is the new and non-final joining technique used for the full-core. This makes the furniture demountable on all parts, and replacing a panel, for example, is quickly done. Since this project, this durable joining technique has been a standard part of the INTOS catalogue. 

Delivered result
Delano Post, project manager INTOS: "That a cleanroom interior can also be stylish was proven with this project. By also using a wood veneer look in the design, the interior really looks beautiful instead of purely functional and sterile. That gives extra satisfaction, looking at the end result!"  

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