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Single Cell Discoveries

Single Cell Discoveries (SCD), a biotechnological research company, was looking for a new location to match its past growth. Without yet knowing which location it wanted to move to, INTOS was asked on the basis of direct commissioning to act as main contractor for both completion and fit-out.

Assignment: From old office wing to transparent laboratory spaces
Location: Utrecht
Photography: Michel Claus

Customer needs

First of all, SCD was looking for support in site selection. The requirements a location has to meet to establish a well-functioning laboratory are extensive. SCD did not have that knowledge in-house. Ultimately, the chosen location had to contain four large and six smaller laboratory spaces. The additional wish in this was to create open spaces with a wide view to other rooms. With this, SCD wanted to create transparency and safety.

Our approach

As the main contractor, we literally started the project together with SCD. To make sure that the sites to be considered also met the laboratory requirements, we visited several sites together. This allowed us to check whether the premises could meet air handling requirements, among other things. Adjustments to the layout and the load-bearing capacity of the structure and roof for the air housekeeping equipment are crucial here. After choosing a floor in an original office building in Utrecht, we made a complete air housekeeping plan and were in contact with all subcontractors for the realisation.
As for the laboratory equipment, we converted one of the two wings into a total of ten different laboratory rooms. For this, we not only supplied standardised laboratory furniture but also built the floors and ceilings. The special feature of this layout is its overall openness. This is because all internal walls are made of glass, which means that you can look completely to the other side from the far end of the wing and thus also make optimal use of the light.

Delivered result

Quote INTOS: Delano Post, project manager INTOS
"The cooperation between team Maincontracting and team Labfitting was efficient due to short lines of communication and clear communication. In this particular project, we helped each other in different areas in terms of knowledge and experience and thus strengthened each other."

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