Laboratory tables

Laboratory tables the solid basis for work convenience and safety

Together with laboratory cabinets, laboratory tables form the solid foundation for a laboratory. They increase work convenience and contribute to the safety of a lab. The base of a laboratory table must be strong and allow the setup to be adjusted to the changing needs of the employees in a lab. That is why INTOS supplies laboratory tables which can be built modularly with various frames as wall and island arrangements.

Always appropriate finishing upon delivery of laboratory tables

Regardless of which table arrangement is chosen, on delivery we finish all types of tables in detail by sealing seams, floor connections and levelling feet. In addition, we neatly conceal all cords, cables and media, keeping an eye on accessibility, also taking into account changing furnishings.

Three standard frames for laboratory tables

INTOS has three standard frames to build the laboratory tables from, namely T-Yokes, C-Yokes and H-Yokes.

T-jaw frame

The T-jointed frame gives a completely free space under the worktop, making the floor easy to clean. The frame is fixed to the floor and finished with skirting boards and removable lower panels. These lower panels make it easy to carry out maintenance on media and pipework, despite being fully concealed within the furniture. We build laboratory tables with the T-Jukken frame in two stages. This phased approach ensures sufficient space and time for the installation of media systems and proper finishing. 

C-Yoke frame

A laboratory table on the C-Jukken frame is suitable for all work in a laboratory. This table stands freely on the floor or against the wall. This makes a table set-up with this frame easy to adapt or supplement with other table elements. The closed floor slats of the yokes are adjustable, allowing the table to be levelled.

H yoke frame

The H-joint frame suits a simple table setup. The adjustable legs make the laboratory table flexible and quick to set up. Besides the standard frame, we also supply these tables with a manually or electrically height-adjustable frame. A possible combination with upper cabinets and shelves is easy to make by adding a separate add-on system to the tables. Because of their very stable design, tables with this frame are also ideal for supporting centrifuges and heavy machines.

Laboratory table on plinth

In addition to the tables on the three different frames, we also supply plinth-mounted laboratory tables. This is a table with a fixed arrangement resting on modular base units with a plinth. This laboratory table can be placed as a wall arrangement or freely in the room. By using a supporting frame between the base units, the original cabinet arrangement can also be alternated with workstations.

The modular base cabinets are developed from a circular idea. Each panel of the base cabinet is replaceable, so that in case of damage, the part to be replaced is limited to the damaged part. In addition, the modular part ensures that adjustments can be made quickly in case of changing needs in the laboratory, for instance. Thanks to the modular system, this table arrangement can also be combined or extended with the C- or H-leg frames.

Weighing table, centrifuge table and microscope table

The weighing table, centrifuge table and microscope table are tables with a heavy steel base to support the equipment they are named after. These tables are placed loose in INTOS' modular system to prevent vibrations from transferring to the rest of the furniture. All these tables are available in sitting or standing height and the weighing table is fitted with a hard stone worktop and vibration dampers.

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