INTOS 30 years!

INTOS 30 years!

July 1, 1991 Theo Spanjaart started with INTOS interior makers. The vision at the time was to set up a beautiful company without fuss, but with good quality in all respects. And it worked. Over the past 30 years, INTOS has shown growth that is exceptional in this industry. We have now grown into a company with 160 employees. In this anniversary year, we will complete the new construction on Waarderweg. And this is also the year of Theo; the first jubilee who has been associated with INTOS for 30 years.


The common thread in his way of working is that Theo shows that you have to be good to each other and good for each other, so that there is confidence that we will get the job done together. This way of working characterizes the atmosphere at INTOS; friendly, involved and family.


Another common thread is that he likes to involve the family of the employees in INTOS. Every year we celebrate Christmas with our families and the INTOS BBQ is on the program at the end of August. September is the month before the INTOS weekend! An occasion where we are challenged in a sporty way in a location that is always secret until the day we go!


Theo is an art lover. And he likes to share that feeling with us. For several years now, he has had an artist contribute to the INTOS art collection at Christmas, of which the staff also receive a copy. There is always a suitable gift for anniversaries, and now also for Theo. On July 5, we commemorated his anniversary in which he received a beautiful work of art as a thank you for his role as founder, director and "motivator" over the past 30 years.

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