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Fabrique de Lumiere

Fabrique des Lumières has been the new attraction at Amsterdam's Westergasterrein since April 2022. It is a digital and 3800 m2 art centre where artworks are brought to life with the help of light projections and accompanying music. Of course, this requires spaces that are finished and furnished in such a way that they perfectly facilitate the art experience. And that is what INTOS took care of!

Assignment: Main contractor finishing and furnishing 3800 m2 digital art centre
Location: Westergasfabriek grounds, Amsterdam
Design: D/Dock

Customer needs

D/Dock designed and built a new environment for the large art centre within the 19th century Zuiveringshal West of the Westergasfabriek. The biggest challenge was to retain the atmosphere of a historic factory building using modern materials. And of course to seamlessly integrate light, technology and sound for an optimal visitor experience.

Our approach

We were responsible for the finishing, customisation, decors and steel structures, and in collaboration with set construction specialists and construction experts, we made sure that all the details were right. And, of course, that the delivery went according to schedule. The decors had to be exactly as conceived in terms of placement and finish. This in connection with the light projections shown on them. Given the location of the historical building in an inhabited area, the requirements regarding acoustics and noise reduction for the surrounding area were very strict. Among other things, we fitted the windows of the factory hall with 10-mm-thick steel plates weighing 300 kg each to make the hall soundproof.
In addition, a historical building always surprises and a lot of changes were made during construction due to advancing insight. By keeping focus on the end result, we did not compromise on quality! .

Delivered result

Stefan van der Plas Managing director D/DOCK projects: "Our design and realisation resulted in a unique digital art centre where visitors can experience epic visual adventures. Visitors can really see art come to life through the many advanced projectors and accompanying music. INTOS' precision in finishing and furnishing was indispensable in the realisation of this special project."

Thijs Leemreize, INTOS project manager: "Fabrique des Lumières was a spectacular assignment with a new element for us, namely the set construction piece. The cooperation with the set builders was great fun. It is a completely different branch and very interesting to get to know. Also, the end result is spectacular! Fabrique des Lumières really comes highly recommended if you want to do something special."

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