Interior construction


Fibriant, a scale-up biotech company specialising in fibrinogen research and related products, was moving to a new location adjacent to the Bioscience park near Leiden University campus. Their floor in the building needed to be transformed into a laboratory. One in which everything was well organised, also for the intended growth. From direct commissioning, INTOS was appointed by Fibriant as supplier of the laboratory furniture and coordinator of the installations.

Assignment: Future-proof custom design for laboratory biotech scale-up
Location: Leiden
Design: INTOS
Photography: Michel Claus

Customer needs

The 500 m2 area had to be divided into four different lab spaces. The layout of each room had to exactly match the needs of the individual employees. The ultimate form of customisation was needed to support everyone appropriately in their work and therefore function optimally. It was also important that the layout could be adjusted easily and quickly. With this, Fibriant, as a true scale-up, wanted to anticipate any expansion or change in its operations. Due to Fibriant's growth phase, a limited budget also had to be taken into account.

Our approach

To build mutual trust in the cooperation, we invited Fibriant staff to the INTOS demo lab. During this meeting, we gathered input to arrive at the first elaboration of a floor plan. The various sparring moments and our extensive advice on budget-friendly solutions, among other things, resulted in a final plan and the start of the cooperation.
The laboratories are furnished with mainly custom-made laboratory furniture and electrical solutions based on standard frames. The storage areas have also been optimised using custom-made cabinets. A unique and further developed component is the aluminium shelving cabinet between the work tables. A trolley can be used to walk through the cabinet, allowing liquids to be easily placed on the trolley for disposal. Furthermore, the layout was made flexible by using modular tables and base cabinets. In the end, we realised the complete delivery of the lab in just two months.

Delivered result

"By working in a close partnership with INTOS, Fibriant was able to realise its customised laboratory equipment entirely according to plan. The contact with INTOS was thereby very direct, as Fibriant awarded the order to INTOS without the intervention of a project agency. INTOS' advice and expertise in the field of laboratory design were of great value. The fact that a custom design was also possible for a scale-up like ours is partly due to INTOS' flexible and proactive attitude, while also paying close attention to details and, where possible, cost-saving effects. Fibriant is extremely happy with its labs, in which the employees can now perform their work very comfortably."


"The close cooperation and direct contact with Fibriant's staff gave us the confidence to produce a beautiful end result. And we did! The set-up is future-proof, allowing growth in the workforce and possible changes in activities to be accommodated very well. Nice that this has enabled us to contribute to the development of this special company."

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