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ING Service Points


ING Service Points

ING wanted to remain accessible throughout the country with over 180 revamped service points. As INTOS and ING have been working together for decades and the old service points were also supplied by INTOS, INTOS was again asked as interior builder and maintenance partner. Together with CBRE we ensured the further development of the design by architect Claessens Erdmann, realisation per site and maintenance.


Assignment: Development, project management, production and installation and maintenance 300 service points ING
Location: Various locations throughout the Netherlands
Design: Claessens Erdmann
Photography: Hélène Wiesenhaan Photography

Customer needs

Despite the closure of a local ING branch, the bank wanted to remain accessible to its customers with recognisable smaller service points. The points had to have a uniform and friendly appearance that is also maintenance-friendly. The choice of materials, from oak veneer to solid surface, and the round shapes in the design contribute to this. The service points are all 16m2 and consist of a cabinet wall with engraved lion, computer desk, bench and floor. They are located at various shops across the country including Bruna, Primera, The Read Shop and in other retail outlets such as phone shops.


Our approach
The concept design was fully prototyped twice and assessed by various stakeholders, including ING employees and site owners. The first was built from simple materials and assessed for size, ergonomics and functionality. The second prototype was built with the final materials and associated equipment and placed at ING's headquarters to also properly assess its technical functionality. These rounds of feedback and resulting principles, such as efficient production for large numbers, assembly within 1 day and being demountable for reuse, led to a fully developed concept that went into production within 9 months.

All components of a service point are identical, only the set-up can differ from one location to another. By visiting all locations, the issues that caused a challenge when setting up a service point were identified and a solution was found with ING. Because during the process and still, new locations are added and some existing ones disappear, it is important to provide all stakeholders with an overview of the information per location. To this end, we set up the project management tool Monday, making all the steps up to completion transparent to everyone.

After the completion of each point, we remain involved. Our Maintenance team is responsible for repairs, as well as dismantling, storing and restoring a service point when it is reused at a new location.

Delivered result
"We are incredibly satisfied with the ongoing design and realisation on a site-by-site basis. INTOS understands how communication needs to be rigged in this kind of project with a number of executing parties and a continuous influx of new information around new locations. INTOS is therefore willing to invest in this itself by fully setting up a project management tool for the realisation of the ING service points in this case. I can greatly appreciate that solution-oriented!", said Jasper Veenvliet, ING construction project manager at CBRE.

"The further development of the design into a fully elaborated service point was incredibly cool to supervise. Especially because different set-ups had to be possible with the same elements. All parts also had to be prefabricated at INTOS in order to be installed on site within 1 day. The close coordination with ING and CBRE and the commitment within our team now ensure effective service points time and again. I am proud of that!", said Sander de Kip, Project Director at INTOS.


"This is a typical project where we can showcase our added value well. Engineering the design down to the finest details, prefabricated assembly in-house and efficient realisation on site. This long-term assignment requires a tight organisation, in which we also successfully played our part. It is great that we can also guarantee the qualitative appearance of the service points from our Maintenance team.", said Hans Matze, director of operations at INTOS.

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