Swissport Aspire Crystal Lounge - Geneva Aéroport


Maincontracting- Interior construction

Swissport Aspire Crystal Lounge - Geneva Aéroport

The Aspire Crystal Lounge by Swissport is the luxurious second lounge at the Swiss airport in Geneva. It is part of the airport's newly built east wing and is intended for non-Schengen travellers. By design of D/DOCK INTOS took care of the finishing, installations and all fixed furnishings.

Assignment: Completion, installations and permanent furnishings luxury lounge
Location: Geneva airport, Switzerland
Design: D/Dock
Photography: Unknown

Customer needs

The lounge had to integrate well into its surroundings. The inspiration for the design was obviously taken from its immediate surroundings; the blue of Lake Geneva is reflected in the colours of the furniture and the climate ceiling. The wooden elements, such as the back wall of the service counter and the slats along the passenger corridor, are reminiscent of the atmosphere of mountain huts. And the long glass wall gives an open view of the surrounding area.

Our approach

Before finishing the lounge, we added various functionalities to the design. For instance, a customised lighting plan was drawn up, which efficiently created suitable light sources in the various rooms. Energy-efficient systems were chosen in the implementation.

That functional can also be beautiful is proven by the integration of the air treatment system hidden in the ceiling and decorative columns made of stainless steel. These columns feature lighting and plants that create a healthy atmosphere.

Delivered result

The lounge creates an experience among travellers through its beautiful interior, pleasant climate and use of light. It was nice to work with INTOS in this airport project because of their experience, including at airports.

The Aspire Crystal Lounge opened in January 2022, fully on schedule. And the result stands! It really is a space where travellers can relax or work in peace".

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