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UniQure, the world leader in gene therapy, needed a single multifunctional building due to the fragmentation of research and office space across several locations. The former Royal Bank of Scotland building in the Amsterdam hub of biotech companies offered this possibility but needed to be completely remodelled first. On the basis of a previous collaboration, INTOS was appointed construction main contractor. Unica installatietechniek was responsible for all installations, D/Dock for design and iL Projects for project coordination.

Assignment: Main contractor finishing and furnishing renovated office and research site
Location: Amsterdam
Design: D/Dock

Customer needs

At the new 10,000 sq m site, eight multifunctional floors had to be realised for 150 employees. In total, this amounted to 7000 m2 of office space and various 'hubs', such as a theatre, library and coffee corner, 1500 m2 of laboratories and 600 m2 of cleanrooms.

Our approach

From the outset, we created the conditions needed to create a perfect working environment for uniQure. Under our supervision, the building was completely dismantled and rebuilt and refurbished from shell level in just under a year. We carried out all structural modifications and took care of the entire interior, including the specialist research areas, namely the laboratories and clean rooms. The short construction time was the biggest challenge. But the diversity of functions in the building, the special components including the green wall and the DNA stairs, and the coordination with the various subcontractors (130 men on site every day!) were also special.

Delivered result

David Spanjaart, senior director of operations uniQure: "The choice of this location was twofold. We wanted to be close to the AMC, because some of our activities are carried out on the AMC grounds. And we chose to renovate an existing building so that we could put as much money as possible into our research work. The renovation was intensive, but thanks to good cooperation, everything was finished and working on time."
Maarten van Steenis, project manager INTOS: "Taking on a project of this size has allowed us to develop even further as a main contractor. Ultimately, it also resulted in a special and functional building that we are extremely proud of!"

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