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The Outpatient Clinic of Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases (MDL) in the Amsterdam UMC location VUmc underwent a complete renovation. Based on the design of Olivier Spek Architects INTOS was asked by the Amsterdam UMC to realise the entire interior.

Assignment: Furnishing renovated gastrointestinal-liver outpatient clinic AmsterdamUMC
Location: VUmc Amsterdam
Design: Olivier Spek Architects
Photography: Michel Claus

Customer needs

In order to meet the requirements of both hospitals (VU and AMC) before the realised merger into Amsterdam UMC, the MDL outpatient clinic had to be renovated. In this 1200 m2 polyclinic, many components come together from different suppliers. Amsterdam UMC wanted to create a high-quality and durable interior. By doing so, the hospital wanted to avoid maintenance work and impoverishment of the appearance and functionality. To relieve the hospital's own project management, a proactive attitude was expected from all suppliers. Both in mutual coordination and with the end user. Reliability in delivery agreements was also important due to the tight deadlines.

Our approach
During the preparation time of about three months, we fine-tuned materials and colours with the architect. In particular, the materials from the original design were adapted to alternatives provided by us to meet the strict cleanability requirements. We also coordinated closely with end-users to get the technical implementation of a pass-through cabinet with built-in RFID scanning technology working optimally. After the test setup was tested, this pass-through box could also be taken into production.

We built various pieces of furniture for the rooms where direct care is provided, including pantries, pass-through cabinets with and without radiation shielding, bed rear walls and partitions between the beds. In the more general areas, various counters were placed from registration desk to nurses' desks. To keep the furniture functioning optimally for as long as possible, a lot of attention was paid to corner and edge details. By milling these in or covering them with solid wood slats, among other things, they are less prone to damage. From production to assembly, the poli was completed after five months.

Delivered result
Josianne Mol, project leader AmsterdamUMC: "It was clear beforehand that we were not only looking for high-quality suppliers for this project, but also for suppliers who really felt like partners in the realisation. And would therefore also take a proactive role in coordinating with our colleagues and other suppliers. I dare say that INTOS exceeded the predetermined request in this respect. I am more than satisfied with the cooperation and incredibly happy with the final result."

"This was a wonderful project, which I look back on with pride. The close and high-quality cooperation with the Amsterdam UMC, architect and end users within the hospital led to a beautiful end result. I like the fact that we were all able to strengthen each other from our own expertise. A true exemplary project as we prefer to approach them in order to achieve the best result," says Arjan Andriessen, INTOS project leader.



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