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Discover the impressive collection of INTOS check-in counters: the Dinox, Hybrid and Oval counters. These revolutionary designs combine functionality and style in a unique way. Whether you are looking for a contemporary look, a durable design or an eye-catching statement, our counters are sure to impress. Be inspired by their innovative shapes and high-quality materials. Discover the perfect counter for your airport environment.


Standard and appropriate

The international market need for a standard counter concept that could incorporate a wide variety of durable and sustainable materials prompted INTOS to develop its own counter concept. We created a standard counter called DINOX based on IATA standards and matching market needs. With the DINOX counter, any airport can tailor the appearance at a competitive price, while maintaining a solid and contemporary look.

Highly durable materials with a tailored look

The DINOX counter concept consists of high-quality sheet material that can be finished in various colours. The front can be finished with an HPL in any colour or pattern you want. be finished or with a rear-lacquered glass front in any colour. The front and sides have a stainless steel protective corner and a stainless steel plinth. The top is finished in solid surface or composite available in various colours and decors.


As a service desk or other use in versatile configurations

Like all INTOS desks, the DINOX is designed so that the desk can be built in any conceivable configuration. As an individual desk, double desk, in a row or even in any conceivable island arrangement with a view to use for different purposes. From check-in desk, to service and information desk or customs desk. In this way, DINOX ensures a consistent look and feel throughout the terminal.

Hybrid counters

Traditional and self-service airport desk in one.


State-of-the-art revolving check-in desk

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol needed a space-saving, unique and safe-to-use desk for ground staff. INTOS therefore developed and engineered a turnstile in cooperation with all stakeholders within the airport and to the design of Studio Linse. The result is the OVAL: a space-saving, modern-looking, durable and ergonomic check-in desk.

Space-saving set-up

Besides its unique and ergonomic design, the OVAL offers increased check-in capacity without the need for additional space. The unique swivel function allows ground staff to sit behind the counter in a simple and safe way, without the need for counter space. As a result, the same terminal space can be used more efficiently, with an increase in the number of check-in counters.


Materials and configurations

The OVAL counter is made of highly durable materials; a solid worktop, a built-in stainless steel printer and CPU cabinet and a solid steel frame. A stainless steel bag rack is fitted at the front of the counter. Optionally, the counter can be fitted with a canopy or conveyor enclosure. As INTOS specialises in custom-made counters, a personalised design is also one of the options.

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