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The history of INTOS

On 1 July 1991, INTOS became a reality and an exciting period began. After 1 year, INTOS has no fewer than 12 colleagues. We now work with just under twenty times as many INTOS employees on wonderful projects for clients in all kinds of sectors. Short lines of communication and clear communication are the strengths of INTOS' team structure. The independently operating teams are given every freedom to combine common sense and craftsmanship in order to successfully complete projects from start to finish. Founder Theo Spanjaart looks back and forward!

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Starting with ambition and sobriety

"We started back then with the necessary ambitions, but mostly down-to-earth. After the first six months of start-up, we could really believe in it. We had a workshop, an office, machines, skilled people and not unimportantly; we successfully realised the first projects. After only five years, we grew out of our first premises with 46 colleagues and moved to our current address."

Getting the job done together

"From the outset, it was clear that you have to do the job together, namely with the colleagues among themselves, the suppliers and, of course, the clients. All the links in the interior construction process are equally important. We also made this visual in the playfully drawn representation of our company."

The INTOS culture: craft with intelligence

"At INTOS, people are at the centre, and this has created the culture that is so characteristic of our company: think first and then act. In other words, combining common sense with craftsmanship. An important factor in this is the freedom everyone is given individually in all functions to be creative. The trick is to work within the necessary frameworks, but with the necessary freedom. Our greatest ambition is related to this. We want to continue to develop ourselves as a company by continuously finding the right balance in realising successful projects and ensuring motivated colleagues."

Modern operations and team structure

"Around 2009, I got my hands on a little book: Eckart's Notes, written by entrepreneur and management guru Eckart Wintzen. For me, this was the inspirational story about modern business management. Central to it is sobriety, working hard and smart and maintaining a healthy corporate culture. I have applied his vision at INTOS. Our current team structure, consisting of teams with all the competences for good work preparation, furniture construction and on-site assembly, is a result of this."

Motivator with drone review

"Meanwhile in the role of motivator, I strive to always know how all projects have gone without knowing the process in detail. I use a drone view rather than a helicopter view. I want to oversee the big picture, but by staying in touch with the people. I leave the responsibilities where they belong, like Eckart does. I am happy with what we have achieved together through this way of working."

Looking to the future

"For the future, we continue to look at innovative developments and new markets. We take calculated risks. Only then can you continue to grow as a company. We have now proven that over the past decades!"

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