Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment and accessories for a complete laboratory

A complete laboratory consists not only of laboratory furniture, such as laboratory tables, laboratory cabinets and fume cupboards, but above all of other equipment and accessories. In a construction or renovation project, it is time-consuming to purchase equipment from different suppliers. To save time and deliver complete projects, INTOS also provides various laboratory equipment from renowned brands on an exclusive dealership basis. Such as laminar air flow cabinets (LAF cabinets) and refrigerators and freezers. Where desired and possible, we also have this equipment adapted to a customised solution. In addition, we enhance user convenience even further with various self-designed accessories!

Laminar flow cabinet

For the necessary personal and product protection, INTOS supplies laminar flow cabinets (LAF cabinet) also called flow cabinet, pull cabinet, biosafety cabinet, down flow or cross flow cabinet. In recent years, we have installed various types and brands of LAF cabinets in a variety of laboratories. All matching the type of lab and the unique work flow. In delivery, we provide not only for getting the cabinet on site on time, but also for validation, making the unit ready for use immediately after delivery.

Other laboratory equipment from exclusive dealership

Through our extensive network of high-quality suppliers, we have access to various laboratory equipment faster than average, as well as additional knowledge and experience. In the case of equipment-specific requests from our clients, we always arrive at a suitable solution in close coordination with these suppliers. Through them, we provide lab centrifuges, lab freezers and refrigerators, lab ovens, lab dishwashers or the commonly used spot extractors.


A laboratory also uses many consumables, such as soap, gloves and tissues. To ensure that a laboratory stays organised and workstations remain free of these items, INTOS has carefully designed and developed a host of accessories. Such as tissue and glove holders and dispensers.

Worktop lighting

At a laboratory table, lighting is essential. In cooperation with LUMC, INTOS developed worktop lighting for laboratory tables in an island arrangement. This model has since been developed into a standard part of our range of laboratory accessories. This LED light with a luminous flux of over 1000 lumens and 6000K can be placed on any media bridge. The light is easily switched on and off by means of a switch.

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