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Aspire Lounge - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


Maincontracting- Interior construction

Aspire Lounge - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Tried-and-tested concept, tasteful boost: The new Aspire Lounge

Lounging with a phenomenal view of the liveliness of the airport, this way your flight already knows an excellent start. The Aspire Lounges at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol bring you comfortably into the always sparkling atmosphere of air travel. Outside, the action of a global airport takes place; inside, you can prepare for your journey in comfort and relaxation. Aspire Lounge 41, for intercontinental flights, can be found on the top floor of Lounge 2 near E-pier.


Assignment: Complete metamorphosis for existing lounge
Location: Schiphol
Design: D/DOCK
Photography: D/DOCK

Customer needs

The upgrade for the adjacent One World Lounge prompted a complete overhaul of the Aspire Lounge as well. There was a desire to relocate the kitchen: the best use for this was to situate it as a link between the two lounges. Now that this work had to be done anyway, it was a logical move to also tackle this 570 m2 lounge.



Under the direction of Phil Rijkhoff, INTOS undertook a major overhaul of the Aspire Lounge based on the architect D/DOCK's plan. The existing lounge was totally demolished and rebuilt. For this, INTOS - as general contractor - took on every architectural component. Thus, new installations were installed, from electricity to water supply, from adapting the fire safety system to new evacuation and sprinkler systems. Then the painting, the lighting plan and, last but not least, the total interior. Besides new furniture, much was also reused. Existing materials were thus given a second life. Some existing furniture could be integrated into the new interior. Phil Rijkhoff, who took charge of both projects (the Aspire Lounge and the One World Lounge) explains that sustainability was an important aspect to consider. "In the Aspire Lounge, for example, we refurbished an existing table, modified it and integrated it into new bar furniture. "

Both the Aspire Lounge and the One World Lounge make use of the new 61 sq m 'grand kitchen', while the lounges do remain separate. However, the entrance to the two adjoining lounges is shared.



The renovated Aspire Lounge was recently completed and festively opened together with the One World LoungeThe realisation of this fact has been in good hands of INTOS for over 30 years; that's how long the company has been working with Airport Schiphol. "We translate the architect's designs and can basically realise anything," says Rijkhoff not without pride. Proud of his team that is specially trained to make every interior a true masterpiece."



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