Dubrovnik Airport - Croatia


Interior construction

Dubrovnik Airport - Croatia

Well before the actual renovation of Dubrovnik's Čilipi Airport international airport, the airport facilities manager already expressed his preference for the Oval counter during a visit to INTOS. The current design of the new check-in hall at Dubrovnik Airport subsequently incorporated the typical INTOS counter.

Assignment: Redevelopment, fabrication and installation of 34 Oval check-in counters
Location: Dubrovnik - Croatia
Design: INTOS

INTOS was asked to deliver 34 check-in counters over a 10-week period. At Dubrovnik Airport, as at several airports, a different set-up is used in the check-in area. Less space was available than the areas in which the Oval counter was previously placed. INTOS therefore started a re-engineering project immediately after the order was awarded to create a smaller version of the Oval. In the course of the project, it turned out that 8 of the 34 counters had to be delivered after only 5 weeks! In between, the production process was therefore accelerated with success. All counters were delivered and installed on time and give the new check-in hall a sleek look!

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