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Houari Boumédienne Airport Algiers

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Algiers (Algeria) international Houari Boumédienne airport built a new terminal T3. The size and quality of project makes it one of the most prestigious airport projects in recent years. It was carried out by Chinese contractor CSCEC. After an intensive selection process, INTOS was commissioned to realise the entire counter package à 700 counter positions.

Assignment: Development and realisation of 700 customised counter positions for new terminal
Location: Algiers
Design: INTOS


The counters had to be modular, durable, affordable and deliverable in seven variants, namely a check-in, passport, transfer, boarding, ticket, information and airline counter. INTOS worked on one of the five standard INTOS counter types, namely the DINOX, further developed into a counter that exactly meets the requirements, wishes and infrastructure of the airport authority. For example, the top was made of stone and the side panels of stainless steel. INTOS also ensured that the equipment could be seamlessly integrated into the counters and parts of the counter would be easily replaceable.

From production to on-site delivery took 3 months. The counters were produced in several batches and shipped in 15 containers in total. The installation of the counters was supervised by INTOS and realised by CSCEC's local installers.


A beautiful terminal was created in which there are a variety of counters, but all with the same look, construction and materialisation. The local team at CSCEC, in which there were many staff changes during the project, was full of praise for the working method and cooperation with INTOS after during the project and after completion. Proof of this is the follow-up order for the replacement of 66 existing check-in counters in the Terminal 1 to be renovated.

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