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LUMC | Neurology patient rooms


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LUMC | Neurology patient rooms

Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) wanted to go to the design of Oliver Spek Architects refurbishing outdated patient rooms. So too in the Neurology department. What was important was a compact interior with a calming appearance. INTOS was asked as interior designer to create the customised furnishings.



Assignment: Compact design of patient rooms Neurology with hotel-like appearance
Location: Leiden
Design: Olivier Spek Architects
Photography: Michel Claus

Customer needs
Based on the furnishing concept, which has already been used to redesign several departments within LUMC, the Neurology department also had to be renovated. The department is 1000 m2 in size, with 39 bed arrangements divided over 23 patient rooms.

As the amount of equipment in the hospital has increased enormously over the years, the furnishing concept pays even more attention to an efficient layout of the space. Therefore, among other things, pass-through cabinets have been integrated and waste drawers in the furniture. Higher demands were also made on the use of materials in connection with hygiene and appearance.

Our approach
Based on the existing furnishing concept and the application design for this department, we further worked out the individual pieces of furniture into a furniture book. In close coordination with the architect and end users within LUMC, for the correct connection of the furniture to the work processes, we further worked out the details. After approval, we started building the furniture in our workshop, from bedside tables and patient cabinets to pass-through and locker cabinets and counters. These incorporate high-quality materials such as Corian and wood-grain panels, which are easy to keep clean and repair.

Because the furniture incorporates a lot of piping and involves exact measurements for cabinets, we invested a lot of time in coordinating with the building contractor. As the project progressed, we realised additional solutions, such as integrating the lifting aids in the patient cabinets. Within just under a year, from concept development to delivery of the entire rooms, we completed the restful rooms that are fully in line with the other renovated departments!

Delivered result
"Also in this project, the cooperation with INTOS went incredibly smoothly. The experience INTOS has within the medical world and also within LUMC is of great value in this. This time, the close cooperation also led to completely new integrations, such as the lifting aid incorporated in the patient cabinet. Efficient and effective! Great to come up with great solutions together every time!", says Bart van Gorsel, project leader LUMC.

"It is super clever that LUMC sticks to a strongly thought-out furnishing concept. This not only allows everyone to build in an efficient way, but also maintains the choice of high-quality materials. This really benefits maintenance and thus the appearance," says Arjan Andriessen, INTOS project leader.

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