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Privium Club Lounge - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


Maincontracting- Interior construction

Privium Club Lounge - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Privium, an independent concept for frequent travellers at Schiphol Airport, wanted to realise a relaxing lounge environment for its members at a new location. Based on the design by M+R Architects with pure organic shapes, INTOS realised the 600 m2 lounge in the role of main contractor and interior builder. INTOS is also the cooperation partner for Privium for subsequent adjustments and maintenance activities.

Assignment: Realisation and updating of a prestigious new lounge at Schiphol Airport
Location: Schiphol
Design: M+R Architects
Photography: Michel Claus

Customer needs

Privium wanted to create a stress-reducing environment where members could comfortably relax prior to their trip. Due to the location with a limited building height and no daylight, this was quite a challenge! M+R created a lively environment by using flowing lines and curves in the design. These were continued in the furniture but also in the walls and ceiling. Within the 600 m2, different areas were designed as relaxation room, workplace, reading corner, reception area with a sloping counter, buffet area with an 8-metre-long floating buffet unit, kitchen and toilets. Daylight simulation and large TV screens bring the outside world inside.


Our approach
In less than nine months, the new lounge had to be realised. As main contractor, we took care of the floor and wall finishes, lighting and the ceiling, which was constructed with discs varying in height. The building height and all the curves made it challenging to match the installation work for sprinklers and air treatment system, among others, to the final interior. Therefore, there was close cooperation with the technicians.

As an interior designer, we supplied all the furniture and developed the two major interior particularities, namely the buffet furniture and the reception desk. The 8-metre-long buffet furniture in a free three-dimensional shape floats freely between two Corian-clad columns with LED lighting. After much consultation with Privium and M+R and various material tests, it was made in rigid foam.

Needs change over time. That is why INTOS has, among other things, rebuilt a security passageway to increase security, replaced the floor with a wooden floor and recently reinforced the construction of the floating buffet counter. In addition, by performing ongoing maintenance, e.g. repainting ceiling elements and sanding frequently used worktops, they still contribute optimally to the exclusive look of the lounge. 

Delivered result
"Looking at M+R's visualisation, it is extraordinary to see that the realisation is almost identical to the design. It is an insanely spectacular lounge, exclusive to Privium members but worth seeing by other interested parties. Even though the lounge has been around for a while, we still proudly step into it whenever we carry out adjustments or maintenance work. Our commitment remains high and the cooperation fine!", said Diederik Hein, now managing director INTOS and at the time project leader INTOS for the Privium Lounge.

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