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Rivièra Maison, the Dutch interior design brand with more than 2,500 self-designed products sold from its own shops and more than 600 outlets, opened a new shop. The new flagship came in the Netherlands' largest shopping centre in Leidschendam called Westfield Mall of the Netherlands. Because of its experience with shop interiors - gained in De Bijenkorf, among other places - INTOS was asked for the complete interior realisation of the 1100 m2 Rivièra Maison Store 2.0 to the design of Rivièra Maison itself.

Assignment: Realisation of new 1100m2 flagship store in 5 weeks
Location: Leidschendam
Design: Riviera Maison

Customer needs

In the Rivièra Maison Store 2.0, products were to be highlighted in a special way, customers were to receive customised advice and products were to be personalised. There were five weeks between renting the space and the opening, including dismantling and moving in the furniture. Two large checkout units, a show kitchen and an espresso bar for welcoming visitors, had to be done with specific and uncut tiles.

Our approach

"Translating the design into working drawings was a challenge in such a short timeframe. By coordinating with the client several times a week, we kept each other focused on the realisation. We worked with four INTOS project teams on the special furniture. In this, the biggest challenge was the integration of the uncut tiles. They determined the exact dimensions of the furniture. A special item is the large espresso bar with canopy because it is round and also tiled.
As the Mall was still under construction, it lacked a staircase to the first floor on which the Riviera shop was located. This, and the corona guidelines still in force, put our logistical creativity to the test. Nevertheless, the delivery took place on time and the shop was able to open on schedule!
After the opening, another part on the ground floor was furnished by us and joined the retail space."

Delivered result

"Realising a completely new shop is always exciting. There wasn't much time for exploring and trying things out, but the Rivièra Maison team was so incredibly enthusiastic about this project that we all went into it with great energy. It was exceptional to work on one project with four teams within INTOS in such a short time. The end result turned out great!", says Mark Koops, Project Director INTOS.

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