Santiago International Airport Da Praia - Cape Verde


Interior construction

Santiago International Airport Da Praia - Cape Verde

Customer demand

For the expansion and renovation of Praia International Airport on Santiago in Cape Verde, the contractor Gruppo ICM sought a supplier of quality counters. INTOS was asked to supply the new passport, check-in and gate counters for the new terminal.

Assignment: Realisation exclusive counter airport Cape Verde
Location: Cape Verde
Design: INTOS


Based on a standard counter from our range, we entered into talks with ICM to develop an exclusive counter. The design for the Praia airport consists of an orange solid-surface front that extends all the way to the top. After submitting several design proposals and 3D visualisations of the envisaged counter, the airport authority approved the design.

Indeed, within seven weeks of the agreement, the counters had to be on Santiago. Speed and flexibility were key in this project! INTOS immediately mobilised its extensive network of suppliers in order to have the materials available on time. Three teams were also deployed internally to build the counters.


By already carefully considering the logistics process in the design, the counters could be shipped flat-packed. Based on our instructions, the counters were assembled by the local installation team.

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