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Departure hall 1A - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


Maincontracting- Interior construction

Departure hall 1A - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

INTOS has been asked by Schiphol Group to be construction partner in the realisation of the temporary departure hall, Departure Hall 1a. With this departure hall, Schiphol is responding to the strong growth in the number of Schengen passengers. This temporary departure hall of 3,800 square metres had to be fully operational within just 200 days. A gigantic challenge for Schiphol and all six construction partners, one which INTOS gladly accepted.

Assignment: Construction of new departure hall
Location: Schiphol
Photography: Dirk Hol

At a rapid pace, INTOS had to pick up the engineering, planning and design, only to start construction day and night. INTOS built 22 check-in counters including canopies, four service counters, a People Reduced Mobility (PRM) counter and an odd-size counter. In addition, 550 square metres of acoustic wall panels were installed and large curved wall surfaces in the security lanes were fitted with Clipso fabric. Two space-saving visitation booths were installed in the security area and tables and lockers were supplied. Due to unforeseen circumstances, INTOS also replaced the floor of the entire hall on an ad hoc basis.

The departure hall opened as planned on 4 April 2017. Everyone, Schiphol Group and the other construction partners namely; VolkerWessels Bouw Schiphol, Engie Services West, BAM Bouw en Techniek, BAM Infra and Van der Landen Industries, is satisfied with the qualitative final result achieved through the efforts and close cooperation of all construction partners. The temporary departure hall can remain in place with peace of mind until the end of 2019, as currently expected.

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