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Simply Deliciously Different

The owner of the successful Gewoon Lekker restaurants in North Holland wanted to establish a revamped concept at the Hoorn branch: Gewoon Lekker Anders. After some 15 years, the 100-seat restaurant naturally needed a new look and feel in addition to a new menu concept. Based on the design by Rivièra Maison, INTOS drew up a feasible plan and, as main contractor and interior builder, took on the complete realisation.

Assignment: Renovation and realisation of updated restaurant concept
Location: Horn
Design: Riviera Maison
Photography: Hélène Wiesenhaan

Customer needs

The large-scale renovation aimed to give the restaurant a boutique chic look. A tiled bar with special bottle rack against the ceiling, custom-made benches and a reception desk with a DJ booth were part of the interior design. But also mirrored walls, wooden panels and lifelike art vegetation.

Our approach

Three weeks after the order confirmation, INTOS started remodelling the restaurant. Turning the design sketch into the final working drawings required close cooperation with Riviera Maison and with the restaurant owners.
The building dates from 1800 and that has its charm but the historical construction also provided the biggest challenge. Indeed, all structural components were askew. This called for tightly calculated adjustments to the floor. Where necessary, combined with adjustments in the structure of the furniture. It was a pleasure for INTOS to be responsible for both the finishing and the realisation of the furniture; from blinds to lighting plan, from bar furniture to built-in cupboards, everything fits together level to level.

Delivered result

"Restaurant visitors respond positively to the interior and the new menu. It is great to contribute from our expertise in finishing and interior construction to bring a new restaurant concept to fruition. That tastes like more!", says Mark Koops, Project director INTOS.

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