“With INTOS taking care of maintenance, all your special furniture stays tip top.”

Marnix Heemskerk,
Project Manager Maintenance

Complete interior maintenance

Facility Services

When you say facility services, you often think of providing catering, security or cleaning. But it goes so much further than that. In order for the primary process of an organization to run optimally, it is crucial that all support services are well organized.

Examples include building management, hospitality and workplace optimization. INTOS is increasingly focusing on these elements by looking at what customers need. Where in certain situations there is a shortage of time, knowledge or expertise, INTOS is happy to enter into discussions where we think along about which concerns can be taken off your hands. This can vary from, for example, the execution of maintenance work to the coordination of internal relocations.

The interior

The appearance of your interior is an important part of your corporate identity. Retention of the right appearance lies in finesse and details. INTOS understands this like no other. Have your interior maintained regularly and have imperfections updated in time. Not only do you maintain the desired appearance, you also extend the life of your interior. Furniture that looks neat also ensures that users handle it neatly. And all this saves considerable costs in the long term. We perform preventive maintenance as well as corrective maintenance. INTOS offers various preventive maintenance solutions, whether or not on a contract basis or the Service Level Agreements. Has your interior been supplied by INTOS or by another party? No problem, we are happy to help you.

Repair the damage

Damage to your interior? We repair your furniture professionally. Thanks to our expertise as an interior builder, we do not overlook any detail. Our service technicians have all the knowledge and resources with which they can remove almost all damage to the surface of almost all materials. In this way we help you to make your interior look like new again.